Terms of service

By using the Yours Truly service/platform you agree to comply with the following terms and conditions.



Yours Truly is an online and in-store platform to enable the sales of second hand and sample wedding dresses. The information provided on this platform is provided in good faith and on an “as is” basis.



Seller Policy

Yours Truly reserves the right to decline any items for sale at its own discretion.


As a seller on Yours Truly, you are responsible for ensuring that all information supplied regarding your wedding dress is reliable, accurate and current. If any information about the listing changes or is inaccurate you must notify us immediately. You must notify of any flaws or defects with the garment.


You agree to have the dress professionally dry cleaned before listing with Yours Truly, and we reserve the right to request proof of this.


If you are listing a wedding dress with Yours Truly, it must not be listed for sale on any other platforms.


Yours Truly will arrange with you a price to sell your dress, by listing your dress with Yours Truly you agree to the arranged rate.


You agree to arrange delivery of the dress, either by physically dropping it in-store or paying for shipping. Yours Truly is not liable for any damage incurred during shipping.


You acknowledge that by listing your dress with Yours Truly, it is sold on a consignment basis, however, we make no guarantee that your dress will sell.


You will be asked to provide photos of your garment; these photos must accurately represent the dress. By submitting photos, you agree to Yours Truly using your images online to aid in the selling process. You must not provide any copyright photographs without permission of use.


The seller must provide proof of purchase for the gown, including an accurate retail price.


The seller acknowledges and agrees that there may be a certain degree of wear and tear from handling when in-store. This cannot be insured against and Yours Truly takes no responsibility for this, however, we will attempt to minimise any excessive wear and tear.


Yours Truly will list the item for a period of _____ from there the seller can choose to withdraw the item or relist and renegotiate the price.


Yours Truly reserves the right to remove the listing at any time.




When listing with Yours Truly, the seller will negotiate with us to agree upon the sale price.

If the listed item is sold, the seller will receive 70% of the sale price and Yours Truly will retain 30% of the sale price. 



Payment to the seller

Once the item has sold, all payments are transferred to Yours Truly from the buyer. Yours Truly will then pay the 70% commission to your chosen bank account within 10 working days once the sale has closed. 



Buyer Policy 

When signing up with Yours Truly, you agree to our Terms and Conditions.

Buyers must not make any false enquiries or orders through the Yours Truly platform.


As a customer of Yours Truly, you acknowledge that the items listed are new, second hand or sample items. Yours Truly will make its best efforts to ensure all information relating to the items are accurate. 


The buyer is responsible for reading and understanding the listing before purchasing an item. 


The buyer is responsible for the payment of shipping if this is their chosen method of collection.



All orders are subject to availability. As the items are in store and listed online, there may be some crossover of interest. If you purchase an item online, there is a chance that it will sell in-store, we will try to mitigate this happening, however in the event that it does happen we will refund your purchase. 

(or we create a system where they “purchase” the item without getting charged until we confirm that we have the item)



All prices are shown in NZD and are inclusive of GST 



Payment can be made via….



Yours Truly aims to ship within 24 hours of the sale. Yours Truly is not responsible for any delays in shipping.



Yours Truly reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time.